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Digital Marketing Strategies We Take Advantage Of

Mobile Digital Marketing

Mobile is a huge opportunity for brands to reach targeted audiences and increase revenue. With a mobile marketing strategy, your audience can access your information when they are in motion and do location-based searches.

Local and Global Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Without a successful SEO strategy, your website can not be visible to search engines. We use search engine optimization strategies to optimize our clients’ web sites for search engines and consequently increase their search engine rankings.

Website Design and Development

Web design is extremly important from an aesthetic point of view. However there are more reasons that we give a great deal of importance to web design. From SEO to conversion rates, your website’s design influences the success of the entire digital marketing strategy. We create mobile and SEO responsive designs that your potential customers will find easily and love to navigate in.

Socia Media Marketing

We love to use social marketing strategy for any brand since it is vital, compelling, effective and fun. We would like to be your voice and appearance on the social platforms. We get excited every time we post something new on our clients’ social profiles or run their social media ads on Facebook, Instagram and others. Check out our Facebook and Instagram accounts to see how much we enjoy posting and sharing on social networks.

Google Adwords Campaigns: Search, Display, Shopping, Video and Universal app Campaigns

We set up and manage your local and international Google Adwords campaigns. We watch the performance of the campaign constantly and optimize it to ensure that you get the highest conversions possible.

Content Marketing

We have been informing our clients about the benefits of implementing content marketing strategy since we established Klik Samuray. It was before their competitors were aware of this strategy’s importance. Now content marketing strategy is everywhere.

Digital PR

Digital PR strategy allows us to combine traditional PR with content marketing, social media and search marketing strategies. With this strategy brands can speak directly to their target audience online and transform their static news into powerful conversations.


We examine your website, your brand, your products and services to determine your current position based on your objectives.


We determine the needs of your website and decide to whom, when, where and how your digital marketing message should be delivered.


We bring life to your digital strategy and track your online campaigns with advanced web analytics tools.


We evaluate the results of your digital marketing campaign and re-design it to improve the performance and ROI.


We would love be to be your digital marketing agency. We promise to approach your projects with passion and integrity.

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