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SEO Process That Klik Samuray Mainly Follows

Dec 12, 2016

To be able to get natural results on search engines, we apply to an SEO process that includes on site and off site strategies and also social engagement. While SEO should be approached as an evolving professional practice, the foundational or traditional elements of successful SEO practices should also be implemented. Klik Samuray follows the below process of SEO for the best results online.

1. On Site (On-Page) Optimization – On this step, we work on the technical elements to increase page speed and to target your website toward the niche specific keywords.

2. SEO Copy Writing – This step includes content development, distribution and marketing. If your website content needs some improvement or should completely be replaced with new high quality and authoritative content, our talented copywriters can help. We can also help on your offsite content needs.

3. Social Engagement – This is the process of increasing your website’s social following and engagement on the popular social networks including, but not limited to, Facebook,Twitter and Instagram.

4. Link Building – This is one of the most important elements of successful SEO practices. In this step, we ensure that your website gains backlinks from other relevant and authoritative websites.

5. Local SEO – Google Places provides great optimization opportunities for local brick and mortar businesses. With our local SEO practices, we geo-target your SEO campaign and make sure that your business takes advantage of all potential Google local SEO services.

6. Google Algorithm Updates – This is an ongoing process since Google makes radical changes unexpectedly. We consistently follow recent changes in Google updates and make sure that your website is not influenced negatively from any changes.


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