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Klik Samuray: International Internet Company

Nov 18, 2016

Klik Samuray was created in 2013 with the belief that Turkish companies should have a better positioning and share in the global market. To achieve the desirable success in foreign markets, companies should start investing in international marketing strategies especially into internet marketing because of its advantages over traditional strategies.

In addition to our digital marketing services for local brands and companies, one of our intention is to truly help Turkish companies grow their businesses in the international markets and extend their international market goals. To be able to reach these results, we believe that working with our clients should be based on some core values.

Firstly, we position ourselves as a strategic partner of our clients more than merely an outsourced vendor. This perspective enables us to look our clients’ needs closely and provide solutions that are both time and cost efficient. Secondly, we never consider our relationship with our clients even if our agreement is for a short term service like web design because we are here to help not only our clients but also the Turkish economy as a whole. Consequently, we will always have valuable knowledge and experience that we would like to share with all Turkish companies that have marketing objectives in the global market.

Klik Samuray is a digital agency who provides digital marketing services for its local clients. Also, it is an international Internet company who provides international digital marketing solutions for its global clients.

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